How To Beat The Recession!

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One proven method to overcome the shock of this recession, which is being used by thousands of people daily, is to receive free government grant money. Anybody can apply, including you! Check out the following 7 steps which will help you to apply for your very own grant. Ok, now let’s get started....

7 Proven Steps To Receiving Free Government Grant Money

Step 1: Research grant agencies. There is some good information on the internet and with patience you will find the right fund for your needs. But be careful that the source of the information is correct.

Step 2: After you have collected information about some of the grant agencies you have found; filter out all the grant agencies, which suit your needs from the ones which don't, by reading their descriptions.

Step 3: One way to find out if you are likely to be eligible for a grant from the agency you have chosen, make sure to check these following details:
• The missions and goals of this agency.
• Types of projects that they fund.
• Applicants types which they prefer.

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Step 4 : Verify the following details after deciding on the grant making agency:
• Kinds of grants available.
• Required eligibility.
• Important date like opening, deadline of the grant.
• Check the requirements of the grant proposal and which supporting documents you need to provide them.
• Know all the details of the grant available.

Step 5 : Attach all essential papers and documents. The proposal format may be different for different grant agencies but generally it needs the following:
• A Cover sheet.
• A Proposal Summary.
• A Proposal Body with you or your businesses introduction, goals and objectives, evaluation and method of how you will apply then to your project.
• Details of more funds which you will need after this grant. You should also show your long term plans and that you will continue until you complete your project objectives.
• A Proposal budget which should be realistic and projected in a simple manner. You must have matching funds in your budget proposal as most agencies want to ensure this.
• Your qualifications or main strengths.
• A Conclusion.
• An Appendices.

Step 6: Before submitting the application check everything on it carefully and thoroughly for spelling, punctuation and grammar to avoid making any mistakes (some government grants have been known to be rejected just because the applicant used common misspellings in their application- so do be careful and check your application.)

Step 7: You will be able to find some good websites which help in writing grant proposals; you just have to find them. You must submit your application before the last date and can keep track of the status through telephone or e-mail. The tracking details can be retrieved from the grant making agencies.

I wish you the best in getting the grant as it will not be easy. First you have to find the correct grant and if you are qualified for it. Then you must fill in the details properly and make sure you submit correct information on time. There are some websites which will help you write an application for the grant. If you follow all the steps you will have a better chance of getting the grant. It is also possible to keep track of your application through e-mail or telephone.

Thank you for reading this article.

Your Government Grant Coach,

Jim Wallis

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